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Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko
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The Rake's Progress
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Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Театр Станиславского, Main stage

Tickets to the opera "The Rake's Progress"

When a stranger announces to the credulous Tom Rakewellle that an unknown uncle has left him a substantial fortune, Tom leaves behind his countryside and his beloved fiancée Ann to join London. Manipulated by the disturbing Nick Shadow, he is seduced by a life of hedonism and debauchery. Then, ruined, Nick, who turns out to be the devil, offers him one last chance to escape in the form of a game of cards.

Director – Simon McBurney

Musical Director and conductor – Timur Zangiev

Artists: Bogdan Volkov, Dmitry Zuev, Roman Ulybin, Inna Klochko, Mariya Makeeva

Running time: 170 minutes

Short Description
September, Thursday
Театр Станиславского, Main stage
from 1400 руб
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September, Saturday
Театр Станиславского, Main stage
from 1400 руб
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September, Monday
Театр Станиславского, Main stage
from 1400 руб
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September, Wednesday
Театр Станиславского, Main stage
from 1400 руб
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In the garden of his fiancée Anne Trulove, Tom Rakewell celebrates springtime and love with her. Enter a stranger, Nick Shadow, who has come to inform the destitute young man that a providential inheritance awaits him in London. Tom sets off unhesitatingly with the one who will become his servant and master as he begins his career as rake in Mother Goose’s brothel. When autumn comes and Anne has still not heard from him, she sets off to join him in London.


In his London home, Tom, now disenchanted, complains that he is unhappy despite his wealth and the pleasures of which he has grown tired. After money, his second greatest desire is to find happiness. Nick Shadow convinces him to marry a bearded lady, Baba the Turk, to become famous. When Anne shows up, Tom declares that he is now unworthy of her love. The despairing girl flees. Nick Shadow then brings in a machine that is supposed to turn rocks into loaves of bread. Tom imagines that he will become humanity’s benefactor with this mechanism, which is nothing more than a trick. To fulfil his last wish, Nick advises Tom to begin using the machine.


The trick machine has ruined Tom, and his furniture is being sold off at auction. Baba abandons Tom and advises Anne to try to save him. A year and a day have passed since the appearance of the disquieting Nick Shadow, who now calls in his wages. He wants Tom’s soul and orders Tom to kill himself. Finally playing fair, the Devil agrees to give Tom a chance if he turns over three cards before the stroke of midnight. Assisted by Anne, Tom manages to save his soul, but he sinks into madness and dies in exile, among the insane.

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Excerpts from "The Rake's Progress"


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