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Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko
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Snow Maiden
Winter ballet
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Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Театр Станиславского,

Tickets to ballet &quot;Snow Maiden&quot;

Дивная сказка на сюжет мистериальной пьесы Александра Островского, сакральная история, разворачивающаяся в стильных, выразительных декорациях. В основе спектакля – не широко известные мелодии Римского-Корсакова, а несколько музыкальных произведений Петра Чайковского. Сначала, полвека назад, русская Снегурочка покорила зарубежную публику, нынче ей рукоплещут российские зрители.

Хореография - Владимир Бурмейстер
Художник-постановщик и художник по костюмам - Владимир Арефьев

Running time: 2 часа 15 минут

Short Description

We're sorry, but this event isn't scheduled.

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First picture

In the winter forest, the Snow Maiden plays with her girlfriends Snowflakes. Santa Claus rejoices at their dances.

Second picture

The Snow Maiden runs away from Snezhinok and Father Frost and finds herself in a clearing near the village of Berendeevka, where she sees for the first time living people who have come to the love meeting of Kupava and Mizgir.

Third picture

She hurries to tell everything about Snowflakes and Santa Claus. Those despair of her craving for people, in which they anticipate her death.

Fourth picture

In Berendeevka holiday. Dances and fun, in the midst of which Boby accidentally stumbles upon the Snow Maiden hiding behind the tree. The appearance of such a creature amazes everyone. Bobyl and Bobyliha decide to take her into their family.

Fifth picture

Before the hut of Bobyla the Snow Maiden misses. First, three guys, and then Lel try to care for her, but as soon as they touched her, they felt cold. Bobyliha drives away all the guys from the Snow Maiden, dreaming of a rich groom for her.

Sixth picture

Winter games Berendey, in which Kupava and Mizgir participate. Mizgir, seeing the Snow Maiden for the first time, is amazed by her beauty, dances with her.

Seventh picture

At the Spring Festival, Kupava complains to the king about Mizgir’s treason. Justifying, he shows the king Snow Maiden. The king, struck by her beauty, forgives Mizgir and blesses their betrothal. Spring has come suddenly. The spring sun and the love that flashed in the breast of the Snow Maiden melt her. To the horror of all, it disappears. Mizgir, not having survived this grief, rushes into the lake.

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Балет «Снегурочка»

Трудно вообразить себе что-то более сказочное, чем «Снегурочка» в сопровождении волшебной музыки Чайковского. Для новой сценической редакции Владимир Арефьев разработал замечательные декорации и новые костюмы в духе времени. Убранство сцены решено в холодных цветовых оттенках, но не производит впечатления холода из-за обилия света.

How to buy tickets for Snow Maiden

Get your tickets now for Snow Maiden at the Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. Our website always offers a good selection of tickets for different price categories. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, please reach a manager - in Russian or English - and he will help you choose the suitable ticket option.
* Snow Maiden is a very successful Ballet. That's why we strongly recommend you check out the event schedule with a manager and plan out your visit beforehand.

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You can order tickets for Snow Maiden right now! And we will help you to spend a wonderful evening!

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