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Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre
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Tickets for балет «Золушка»

Мелодичная танцевальная постановка на солнечную музыку Сергея Прокофьева, дивный балет, отличающийся необыкновенной гармонией и нежностью. Светлая и искренняя сказка о трудолюбивой и добросердечной девушке любима зрителями всех возрастов.

Балетмейстер-постановщик - Олег Виноградов
Музыкальный руководитель и дирижер-постановщик - Феликс Коробов
Дирижер - Роман Калошин
Художник-постановщик - Валерий Левенталь


Running time: 2 часа 30 минут

Short Description

We're sorry, but this event isn't scheduled.

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This beloved fairy tale is told (of course, dancing) by a kind Fairy fairy. From the first note of the overture, she appears in front of the curtain and, after greeting the audience, begins a fairy tale. And since she is a real sorceress, she has a magic wand, the possibilities of which she shows by touching her to the theater curtain. And of course, the curtain opens. And there ... A fantastic country, in which our heroine lives in one of the houses.
- "Here in this house," - shows Fairy-sorceress.
- "And how she lives, let's see," - and touches the magic wand to the wall of the house. The wall disappears and we fall inside.

In spite of the fact that it is already noon, the Witcher and Kryvlyak have just woken up, and as usual, a quarrel begins every morning. Argue with reason and without. So now they are ready to cling to each other, but the lively, joyful Stepmother with the invitation to the royal ball interrupts the quarrel.

Rather, dress, gather, choose clothes, hairstyles!
- "Hey! Lamb! Where are you!" The sisters scream rudely.

A charming girl with golden hair in a poor patched dress and heavy wooden clogs rushes into the bedroom. She brings clothes for the whole family as usual and helps lazy sisters to dress. All the same does not suit. And as soon as they do not mock the poor Cinderella. And that is not so, this is not the way it is, but she is pulling it down and enduring cavils.
- “That's how it is every day,” she worries, “What can you do if they are. I'm already used to it.”

Cinderella's reflections on life are interrupted by the arrival of a fashionable couturier with ballroom dresses, which he demonstrates to his stepmother and sisters. Having utterly quarreled, having hardly chosen dresses, the little family rehearses ballroom dances with the choreographer.

Cinderella is all about work. All the chores around the house on it. The girl is such a mistress that all the dishes are dancing with her. Everything sparkles and rejoices, and teapots, coffee pots, pots are her friends. Having held a stepmother and sisters, Cinderella also thinks about the ball, but she will never get to the royal palace.

Fairy wizard knows what Cinderella dreams of. The fairy sees everything and generously rewards those who do good deeds.
- "Sweet girl," says the Fairy, suddenly appearing, "you make sparkling and dance dirty dishes! It's just a miracle! We will go with you to the magical country, where you will become even more beautiful, and after that you will go to the ball."

Fairy magic wand works wonders. The kitchen, the whole house rises into the sky, and Cinderella enters the fabulous country of beautiful fairies. This girl could not imagine. Lovely fairies teach Cinderella to dance and dress up in a gorgeous dress. And when the Fairy-sorceress instead of the old sabo gives her sparkling shoes, Cinderella almost crying with happiness. Putting a girl in a magic carriage, Fairy-sorceress warns her that everything has its time for good deeds and for bad. We must remember that exactly at midnight Cinderella should be at home. And in a fabulous outfit, in sparkling shoes, in a magic carriage driven by fairies, Cinderella goes to the royal ball.


According to strict royal etiquette, the ball opens. The king, ministers, ladies of the court and gentlemen, guests, trying to outdo each other demonstrate secular manners.
The stepmother, the cruel boy and the Kryvljuk are not inferior to those around him. But now a mischievous boy rushes into this prim atmosphere. He does not have a court costume, but by the way everyone bends before him, it is clear that this is the Prince. Even the strict Father-King cannot be angry with him for violating etiquette. Of course, all the girls are trying to please the prince, and the cruel guy and Kryvlyak just climb out of their skin to attract attention. The prince has no choice but to quickly get away from these stubborn persons. He would have escaped if it were not for the strange, unusual beauty among the inflated, strictly following the etiquette of the courtiers. Having noticed a charming girl, the Prince forgot about everything. Only she. And the world immediately became different. The rest for him has ceased to exist.

And Cinderella, seeing the young man, can not take his eyes off the beautiful face. And for her, too, everything and everyone disappeared. She sees only him. Happy, they forgot everything. And when the clock struck midnight, it was too late. With difficulty escaping from the embraces of a young man, Cinderella, having lost her fabulous shoe, runs away from the ball, already in an old, patched dress. The prince is in despair.


The prince longs for many days. Neither the king-father, nor the ministers - no one can help his grief. Neither the King-father, nor the ministers, nor the shoemakers from all over the kingdom can say anything about the beautiful stranger. And then the Prince decides to look for her himself.

Convening a guard, the Prince rushes to different countries and cities in search of beauty, but he does not find her anywhere. And now, when he had completely lost hope, a fairy fairy appeared before him. She understood the power of a young man’s love. The fairy showed the Prince the way to the house of Cinderella, where he immediately jumped.

The prince absolutely does not understand why he got into this terrible house, when the Ill-natured man, Kryvlyak and Stepmother appeared before him. Even if a shoe came to any of them, they still do not even closely resemble that girl. He was about to leave, as the copper kettle blocked his way. Then the Prince came across a coffee pot.

“A strange thing is happening with the dishes,” he thought, “as if she wants to help me.”
Looking around, the Prince noticed a girl hiding in a corner, covering her face with her hands. His heart fluttered. Gently removing the hands of the girl from her face, he saw his beloved, and next to the second shoe. And the fairies surrounded them, as it should be in a fairy tale.

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Балет «Золушка»

«Золушка» – балет театра Станиславского – чрезвычайно мелодичная и танцевальная постановка, отличающаяся удивительной нежностью и гармонией. Музыка сливается с каждым движением исполнителей, и спектакль предстает волшебным, завораживающим действом.

How to buy tickets for Cinderella

Get your tickets now for Cinderella at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre. Our website always offers a good selection of tickets for different price categories. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, please reach a manager - in Russian or English - and he will help you choose the suitable ticket option.
* Cinderella is a very successful Ballet. That's why we strongly recommend you check out the event schedule with a manager and plan out your visit beforehand.

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You can order tickets for Cinderella right now! And we will help you to spend a wonderful evening!

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