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1. General Provisions

1.1. “Agent” places the Public Offer on the conclusion of the contract of the Commission for the purchase of tickets for the Client on its own behalf, but at the expense of the Client, for a fee. In turn, the Client undertakes to reimburse the Agent for full expenses incurred.

1.2. In accordance with Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (GK RF), this document is a public Offer, and if the following conditions are accepted, the person / organization making the Acceptance of this Offer shall pay in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. In accordance with clause 3 of Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, payment is an Acceptance of this Offer, which is considered equivalent to the conclusion of the Agreement on the conditions set out in the Offer.

1.3. Based on the above, carefully read the text of the Public Offer, and if you do not agree with any clause of the Offer, you are invited to refuse to conclude this contract.

1.4. In this Offer, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms have the following meanings:

“Offer” is a public offer of the Agent (Public contract) addressed to any person / organization intending to order or purchase, or ordering, purchasing tickets to events organized by third parties.

“Agent” is a company that catalogs tickets to events organized by third parties on its Internet site.

“Client” - A person who intends to order or purchase, or ordering, purchasing tickets to events organized by third parties.

"Accept" - the full and unconditional acceptance by the Client of the terms of the Agreement.

“Website” is the official website of the Agent, which is a catalog of tickets for events organized by third parties.

“Ticket” is a document certifying the Client’s right to attend the event and containing all the necessary information about the event.

"Order" - the tickets selected by the Client, when placing the Order on the Internet site, with an indication of the cost, which includes the agent's fee and the cost of delivery of tickets to the Client.

“Delivery” - direct transfer of the Ticket from the Delivery Service employee to the Client at the location indicated by the Client as the delivery address.

2. The subject of the contract

2.1. The Agent undertakes to purchase and deliver tickets for the Client on his own behalf, but at the expense of the Client, for a fee. In turn, the Client undertakes to reimburse the Agent for the expenses incurred in full and pay the remuneration. The ticket price indicated on the website includes the amount of the Agent's remuneration and the cost of delivery of tickets to the Client. The Agent ensures that Tickets are provided to the Client and is responsible for the validity of the tickets provided.

2.2. This Agreement and its annexes are official documents of the Agent and an integral part of the Offer. The current version of each of the above documents is available on the website at.

3. Placing an Order

3.1. The Client makes an order to the Agent via the Internet site or in any other available way.

3.2. When placing an Order on the Internet site, the Client undertakes to provide the following information about himself: surname, name, patronymic (in Russian); actual shipping address; mailing address; E-mail address; Contact phone numbers.

3.3. When collecting and processing personal data of Clients, the Operator is guided by the provisions of the Federal Law No. 152 FZ “On Personal Data” dated July 27, 2006.

3.4. The client is responsible for the content and accuracy of the information provided during the placement of the Order.

4. Payment for the Order

4.1. Payment for the order can be made by bank transfer or in cash to the courier.

4.2. Payment by the Client of the Order on the Internet site or in cash to the courier means that the Client accepts the terms of this Agreement. The day of payment of the Order is the date of acceptance of the Offer by the Client.

5. Execution of the Order

5.1. Date of execution of the Order depends on the availability of tickets and the time required to process the Order. The time of execution of the Order in exceptional cases may be negotiated with the Client individually, depending on the characteristics of the order.

5.2. The order is considered executed from the moment of payment of the order.

6. Order Delivery

6.1. The Agent delivers tickets to the Client via Courier to the address specified by the Client. The agent may conclude a delivery agreement with a third party on behalf of the Client, at his expense.

6.2. Delivery price is included in the price indicated on the Agent's website.

6.3.The delivery deadlines for the Order are from one working day from the moment the Order is received. The maximum delivery time depends on the complexity of the client's order.

7. Terms of cancellation and cancellation of purchased services.

7.1. Return of tickets is carried out only in case of cancellation, replacement or transfer of the event in accordance with the rules established by the organizer of the event (time and address of return tickets). Attention! Exchange and return of tickets at the request of the client is not made.

7.2. In case the order has been paid by a bank card, the refund is made to the same bank card.

7.3. Details of each specific cancellation of Tickets and the possibility of making any refund are specified in each specific case, but in case of cancellation of ordered and already paid services for any reason, the penalty is 100% of the cost of services canceled by the Buyer, regardless of the time of cancellation before the date of the event.

7.4. In case the Buyer refuses to pay for the tickets already paid for, it is possible that the paid services are set for secondary sale. The parties agree on the conditions and prices of the re-sale in each separate case additionally. In such cases, the Seller may accept such an order on the terms of an additional commission, but cannot guarantee the implementation of these entrance tickets.

8. Special conditions and responsibilities of the parties.

8.1. The Agent ensures the provision of Tickets to the Customer and is responsible for the validity of the tickets provided.

8.2. The risk of accidental loss, damage or loss of a ticket passes from the Agent to the Client from the moment of its actual transfer.

8.3. The agent is not responsible for the provision of services, the right to which gives the ticket, for the cancellation or postponement of the event for any reason.

8.4. All disputes and disagreements between the parties are resolved during friendly negotiations. If the parties do not come to a compromise, the differences should be settled in the appropriate court of the Russian Federation, in the manner prescribed by law. Applicable law is the law of the Russian Federation. The place of the transaction is Moscow.

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